The culture cure – Jojo Rabbit

11 September 2020
Jojo Rabbit

Today we are going to talk to you about a movie that has moved us in all aspects. Because of the message, because it’s funny and sad at the same time, and because it’s the best we’ve seen in a long time.
Jojo Rabbit tells a Nazi story. Yes, another one, from that damn episode in history, but it does so from the perspective of a child and his innocence. And we are not going to gut the argument anymore because we want you to enjoy it.
We are left with the message that no one is born hating another person because of their race, religion, or sex. If in the end, we have decided to hate someone for those reasons, we should ask ourselves what values ​​we have been acquiring and have made us reach that point, because we were not born with that as standard.

And on the other hand, the film talks about the poet Rainer Maria Rilke. We have investigated slightly in his work and everything that we have been able to read has captivated us. This is our second recommendation.
We leave you with some verses that appear in Jojo Rabbit as a hook in case you don’t want to see the movie and you fancy literature more.

“Let everything happen to you,
beauty and the terror,
just keep going
no feeling is final “

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