The culture cure – Galdós

25 August 2020

This week we dedicate our post of the culture cure to a great one of Spanish literature. This 2020, it will be 100 years since the loss of this master of letters, and from WE are graphics we want to join this tribute.

The Canarian writer has given us many works in which he has portrayed the Spanish society of the time. Rereading some of his books, we have realized that we have not changed so much. Corruption, political benefits, working classes and privileged classes … does it ring a bell?
Everything has changed the century, however, today’s society is still embedded in the old values ​​described by Galdós.

From the studio, we encourage you to read some of his works and we want to share with you one of Benito’s great phrases:
“Our imagination is what sees and not the eyes”.

It’s all about design!

WE are graphics


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