The culture cure – 4 pesos de propina

10 December 2020

Time to our culture cure. This time we wanted to introduce you to the Uruguayan group: 4 pesos de propina @cuatro.pesos

Lately, a lot of music has been playing in our studio and little gems like this song that we recommend your appear. Because of the message and because we need more people to join the camp of crazy people full of love. We are convinced that it is what will save the world in the event of a catastrophe.

As for the group, a mixture of sounds and styles that is what leads us to present them here. You already know that we like what cannot be categorized or pigeonholed.

We have stayed with one of his hymns to prepare our graphic piece and share part of the lyrics of the song Mi revolucion.

“That is my revolution,
Fill my blood with love and if I burst,
May the love that I carry within spread in the wind. “

We hope you like it.

We add a link to the live show so that you can transport yourself to the concert.

WE are graphics
It’s all about design!

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