Pantone Autumn 2020

24 September 2020

Autumn is here and new colors are incorporated into our usual palette. We leave you with some suggestions from  @pantone that are going to hit hard this fall-winter 20/21. We have prepared a small sample so that you can see the effects of using these tones.

Our list is:
PANTONE 19-1662 TCX Samba
PANTONE 16-1350 TCX Amberglow
PANTONE 19-3940 TCX Blue Depths
PANTONE 16-1328 TCX Sandstone
PANTONE 13-0648 TCX Green Sheen
PANTONE 16-1511 TCX Rose Tan
PANTONE 18-5338 TCX Ultramarine Green
PANTONE 19-4052 TCX Classic Blue

Ready to Color your season 🎨🍂☃️

It’s all about design!

WE are graphics

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