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We believe in creativity and we play with it. This is our initial premise for getting perfect final results. We analyze each project with the imagination point of view, from an emotional strategy.

That is why we want to be your reference studio and advertising agency because we are committed to each project that we accept, otherwise, we would not. We have it clear, first of all, the client has to leave happy and satisfied and that is why we decided to tackle each job and put the best tool we have: design.

WE are graphics, is just that, pure talent at the service of design. We are such a diverse and multidisciplinary team that each idea is treated from a multitude of different points of view, to achieve the optimal result.

We are where you are, and we get to where you want to go. We carry out most of our online work because we are present in many places and this streamlines and facilitates our day by day. This does not mean that we renounce direct contact, on the contrary, we love to know who we work for and to see that at the end of the road we travel together we are looking forward to meeting again.

WE are graphics team is no different from that of many other studios, each of us has two eyes, two ears, a mouth, a nose, and skin, this last one of different colours. What differentiates us from the rest is what we feel, what we do with these senses, and it is just taking each project to another dimension, giving life to ideas that shine with their own life.

¿Quiénes somos?


There are great people behind WE are graphics, but since our inception, we have always wanted our work to speak for us. That is why our team does not have visible faces or personal names, but great graphic creators. Each of us has chosen the one that represents us the most. And you, what would you be in WE are graphics?

Leonardo Da Vinci principal

Leonardo Da Vinci

Shape and figure.
The soul of our product department.

Andy Warhol principal

Andy Warhol

Pen, vectors and jump to colors.
The graphic creator of WE are graphics.

Frida Kahlo principal

Frida Kahlo

Typography, symbol and personal identity.
Marking design.

Ada Lovelace principal

Ada Lovelace

The code tamer.
if{it is impossible=ada do it possible}

Antoni Gaudi principal

Antoni Gaudí

One space, a projected idea.
Beautiful on the outside, spectacular on the inside.

Do you want to work with us?

We currently have no vacancies available …

Even so, feel free and send us a spontaneous application to rrhh@wearegraphics.com we never know when we might need to incorporate a new talent.

As you may have seen we are all “anonymous”, so we would like you to tell us who you would like to be within WE are graphics. We also need to know you, so please send us your updated CV. Surprise us with your creativity.

If you prefer, you can fill out the following form with your information instead of sending us an email.

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